Introducing Virgil PRO

Finally – The ePRO Solution to Problems with Typical ePRO

MedAvante-Prophase’s intuitive and highly configurable Virgil® PRO patient engagement solution delivers both high quality data and an enhanced patient experience, optimizing the quality of clinical trial outcome data.

Virgil® PRO was designed based on research with pharma sponsors, experienced study volunteers as well as the highest standards for measurement science and regulatory compliance stemming from the FDA PRO guidance and eCOA best practices upheld by the Critical Path Institute’s ePRO Consortium.

Expect the best in data quality.

Our approach combines the highest standards in measurement science, patient engagement and operational excellence.

Available on smartphones and mini-tablets.

Accommodating data collection worldwide for your critical endpoints.

Virgil® PRO overcomes the current challenges and concerns Sponsors have about other eCOA solutions in the market today.

Industry Leading Scientific Measurement & Data Quality

Smart Scientific Design: Measurement science and eCOA expertise will be applied to the design of the electronic versions clinical outcomes assessments. Precision in design and edit checks are built in to ensure the accuracy, quality and integrity of the data collection.

Overall Improved Data Quality: Our system ensures immediate item-by-item uploads to our database instead of relying on patients to transmit data, reducing burden and minimizing risk of data loss.

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A Complete Patient Engagement Solution – Built with Patients, for Patients!

Patient Adherence: Patients will complete their questionnaires as required through use of reminders and alerts. Date and time stamping will document protocol adherence. We create study solutions with a deep understanding of measurement science and functional design to help ensure questionnaires are completed to minimize missing entries.

Patient Engagement: Patients are engaged throughout the study through messaging, availability of additional training, notifications of study visits and study information. Real-time monitoring of patients is enabled by sites through the Virgil portal to view compliance, messages from patients and patient status.

Virgil Personal Assistants: Personalized help through ThreeWire® Enrollment Assistants™* to assist patients throughout the study including the ability to get a ride through ThreeWire’s ride service.

*When contracted with ThreeWire services.

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Rapid Setup and Easy Deployment

Quick Development Times: Leveraging our proprietary V-form builder technology, we enable views of the system as early as the kick-off meetings with sponsors, and completion of the system in only 4-6 weeks, quicker than any other eCOA provider.

Ease of Enrollment: Through the use of QR code technology, our system avoids problems associated with manual entry input of study/patient numbers into devices.

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