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Placebo Response in Clinical Trials: Approaches to Mitigation

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Sofija Jovic, PhD, MBA
Business Transformation Advisor


President, Analgesic Solutions
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anesthesia
Tufts University School of Medicine


Mark G. A.Opler, PhD, MPH
Chief Research Officer

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PANSS and CGI-S: Ten Years Later

Analysis provides additional evidence of substantial agreement between PANSS total score and CGI-S rating; brings into question the additional value of CGI-S administration in view of its limitations including expectancy...

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U. of Chicago Booth School Presents Distinguished Alumni Award to Amy Ellis

Prestigious Award Recognizes Outstanding Professional Achievement

Hamilton, NJ (May 2, 2017) — MedAvante, Inc., the leading global clinical data services company dedicated to maximizing signal detection in clinical trials, announced that Amy Ellis, president and co-founder, has been selected to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award (DAA) from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Araclon Biotech Selects MedAvante Virgil Platform for Phase 2 Alzheimer’s Trial

Shared Goal Is Improving Signal Detection and Data Quality through Standardization

Zaragoza, Spain and Hamilton NJ, USA (March 30, 2017) — Araclon Biotech, a Grifols company dedicated to the research and development of therapies and diagnostic methods to be applied to degenerative diseases, and MedAvante, Inc., the leader in technology-based clinical trial services for central nervous system (CNS) diseases, today announced that Araclon Biotech has selected MedAvante’s groundbreaking Virgil® Investigative Study Platform for its upcoming Phase 2 trial in prodromal or very mild Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

MedAvante Names Ropacki Head of Research and Development

Accomplished Clinical Scientist Will Accelerate Company’s Growth

Hamilton, NJ (February 22, 2017) — MedAvante, Inc., the leading global clinical data services company dedicated to maximizing signal detection in clinical trials, announced that Michael T. Ropacki, PhD, has been appointed Vice President, Research and Development to lead the company’s continued expansion of clinical science and signal detection capabilities.